TWiRT 156 - Stephen Poole
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 5:59PM

TWiRT 156 - Stephen Poole     

Many times we overlook successful broadcast groups in our industry, Crawford Broadcasting's Stephen Poole talks about his great employer, two excellent assistants and 5 radio stations they support. Our discussion touches on why you should understand how other departments at your radio station function, can you talk GM speak?, Sales Manager jargon?  Also, can jukebox radio really help the industry while non traditional sources for music and news continue to gain popularity.  How to process HD 2 & 3 audio streams with high frequency rolloff, really?

Stephen Poole and Chris Tobin talk about why we need to understand the inner workings of our radio station departments and our passion for radio as a career.

TWiRT is sponsored by Omnia Audio and the Omnia.9 FM audio processor by Leif Claesson. 


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