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TWiRT 58 - Pet Peeves

What are the pet peeves of broadcast engineers? Poorly-designed equipment? Destructive weather? Lightning? Equipment abuse?  Chris, Kirk, and Chris debate it!

Kirk Harnack - Telos-Omnia-Axia
Chris Tobin - CBS Radio, New York
Chris Tarr - Entercom, Milwaukee, GeekJedi, and Broadcast Engineering Info


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Show notes:

Public Hearings on Birds and Towers

Mighty Red HD Radio

Chris Tarr's Pick of the Week: USB info at

Kirk's Pick of the Week: Useful AM and FM devices from Chris Scott and Associates


You can download the show here....

TWiRT 58 - Pet Peeves

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    This Week in Radio Tech - TWiRT Homepage - TWiRT 58 - Pet Peeves
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    This Week in Radio Tech - TWiRT Homepage - TWiRT 58 - Pet Peeves
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    This Week in Radio Tech - TWiRT Homepage - TWiRT 58 - Pet Peeves
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    This Week in Radio Tech - TWiRT Homepage - TWiRT 58 - Pet Peeves

Reader Comments (2)

I wasn't actually in the chatroom live last week but got around to catching up on last week's podcast and heard about the introduction of this Mighty Red HD Radio and brought up a past opinion of mine and that is that Best Buy has already had their first portable Insignia HD Radio device out for a year or two for $50 USD, one of which I own myself. Granted it is not as feature packed as the newer model considering it is one of the very early HD Radio devices. Just basic analog and HD FM tuning, subchannels, RDS data. Real basic stuff. But the ability to use it for audio monitoring is easily there. Why it wasn't marketed to stations for such a use I couldn't tell you. May just be marketing. I know the only way I found out about the device is from an HD Radio specific forum. Even Best Buy has never marketed it well in their stores even when they first came out. Hopefully with this new Mighty Red things will change for the better.

Also in regards to Chris Tarr's pet peeve about people exaggerating and skirting around the facts, I have to mirror this 100%. It is really frustrating indeed but as you said it tends to be we as the technical adept have to bridge the gap between the advanced technology and the technically inept and do so in a friendly manner. It eventually comes down to doing a little teaching so the end users know what inf you are after before you get there. :)

November 23, 2010 | Unregistered Commentercr08

...TWiRT Rocking the 10 Codes...TWiTNavy to grade TWiRT on the 100th episode...

November 24, 2010 | Unregistered Commenter@GeekJedi & @SawyerIII
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