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TWiRT 197 - Show and Tell and Dial and Smile

Thoughts and recommendations on Ethernet routers, and Kirk introduces the authoritative book about the history of Phone Phreaking, “Exploding the Phone”. Kirk and Andrew Zarian introduce the wide-open subject of putting listener-callers on-air, both on broadcast radio and on podcasts. It’s a great introduction to a future episode where we’ll give a thorough “how-to” on interviewing guest and taking callers by phone.


Andrew Zarian, Founder and Host at the GFQ Network


Kirk Harnack, VP – Telos Systems –
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The R & D team at the Telos Alliance.  Learn about audio coding, IP-audio, broadcast telephony, studio systems and more in the Tech Talk section of the Telos web site.


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TWiRT 197 - Show and Tell and Dial and Smile

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