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TWiRT 217 - The EKKO Stamp Fad with Philip Mulivor

Nearly 100 years ago radio stations were so new the owners didn’t know who was listening or where.  Without the Internet or even many telephones gathering listener reports was spotty.  Then the EKKO company hit on a stroke of genius: Radio EKKO Stamps and collector’s books to fill with them. Radio historian and electronics professor, Philip Mulivor, joins us to reveal the fascinating story of early radio listening, and keeping track of stations with EKKO stamps.

Links from the show:
EKKO Stamps Recall “The Miracle”

Philip Mulivor, CBRE, AMD, Electronics Instructor & Author

Chris Tobin, IP-Solutionist
Kirk Harnack, VP - Telos Systems

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TWiRT 217 - The EKKO Stamp Fad with Philip Mulivor

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