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TWiRT 49 - Bill and Kim Sacks

Bill and Kimberly Sacks refurbish classic analog Optimod broadcast audio processors. The couple checks in with TWiRT with insights about the finer points of audio handling by capacitors, and making both AM and FM Orban Optimods sound better than factory new.

Kirk Harnack - Executive Director, Int'l Business Development, Telos-Omnia-Axia
Tom Ray - VP, Engineering, Buckley BroadcastingWOR, New YorkW2TRR
Chris Tobin - CBS Radio, New York


Show notes:

Bill and Kim Sacks web site.


Download the show here...

TWiRT 49 - Bill and Kim Sacks

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Reader Comments (1)

The interview went well, but we had a bad mic that sounded like a telephone. A client had given Kim a "broken" Neuman dynamic mic. She tried it a few times and it worked fine. She told the client they had made an error and that she was returning it to them; they insisted "no thanks, keep it".
Turns out it is intermittent failure is a loss of all LF output-- I suspect the coil is opening. When we connected to Kirk 5 min before show time, they all said "What is wrong with your audio?", At that point, we had no time to find out. We had no spare mic handy in our living room. After the show, we listened and were appalled at the mic's sound. We plugged in an old reliable EV RE-20 and it was just fine.
Kirk- the url input will not accept because it does not see the "dot fm" as valid.

September 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBill Sacks, KM4DN
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