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TWiRT 34 - Fungible

Skip Pizzi discusses RadioDNS and other new metadata technologies for radio.

Kirk Harnack - Executive Director, Int'l Business Development, Telos-Omnia-Axia
Chris Tobin - CBS Radio, New York
Chris Tarr - Entercom, Milwaukee, GeekJedi, and Broadcast Engineering Info
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TWiRT 34 - Fungible

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Reader Comments (1)

Fungible?? Wassat?
Anyways, enjoyed Skip Pizzi's contribution this episode.
I was particularly interested in his suggestion that AM radio rx chips may be coming to cellphones in the future. Lots of cellphones ("mobiles") here in Australia have a built-in FM radio, but none have AM. I have always thought that this was because the cellphone environment is too noisy for the AM signal to survive.
I'd be interested in knowing if AM listening (other than web streaming) is coming to cellphones.
Speaking of web streaming over cellphones, I noticed that Skip also reiterated his view that widespread streaming to handheld devices is a basically flawed model, compared to "over the air" radio/TV. I agree 100%.
I see AT&T over there are moving away from unlimited data plans to cheaper capped plans (max 2GB).
The prices and caps are pretty much what we've had in Australia from the start.
By my calculation, if you listen to a 32kbps stream for 2.5 hrs a day that eats up over 1GB of your monthly quota - have I got that right?

June 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPeter Smerdon
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