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TWiRT 44 - Spectral Regrowth

All Tom Ray wanted was an HD Radio in his Ford Escape.  Turned out there were speed bumps and potholes at every turn.  Is Tom ahead of his time, or should consumers have an easier time with this?

TWiRT is sponsored by Omnia Audio.  Get an Omnia-6EX FM/HD audio processor for the price of an Omnia-5.   Visit

Kirk Harnack - Executive Director, Int'l Business Development, Telos-Omnia-Axia
Tom Ray - VP, Engineering, Buckley BroadcastingWOR, New YorkW2TRR
Chris Tobin - CBS Radio, New York
Chris Tarr - Entercom, Milwaukee, GeekJedi, and Broadcast Engineering Info


Show notes:

HD Radio Shouldn't Be This Hard

Tom Ray's location via GPRS

Chris Tarr's location via GPRS

Perhaps your luck will be better than Tom's.  Get HD Radio info here.


Download the show here...

TWiRT 44 - Spectral Regrowth

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