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TWiRT 294 - GatesAir with Rich Redmond

GatesAir traces its origins to 1922 when the Gates Radio Company was founded by Parker Gates. Rich Redmond, Chief Products Officer at GatesAir, joins Chris Tobin and me for updates on IP-Audio, HD Radio transmitter upgrades, and efficient liquid-cooled FM transmitter technology.

Show links:
White Paper: The Role of Network Packet Loss Modeling
Flexiva FLX liquid-cooled FM transmitter technolgy
User Report on Liquid Cooled FM Transmitter


Rich Redmond, Chief Products Officer - GatesAir

Chris Tobin, IP-Solutionist
Kirk Harnack, The Telos Alliance, Delta Radio, & South Seas Broadcasting

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TWiRT 294 - GatesAir with Rich Redmond

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