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TWiRT 23 - Vive l'Audio!

Vive l'Audio!

Kirk Harnack - Executive Director, Int'l Business Development, Telos-Omnia-Axia
Tom Ray - VP, Engineering, Buckley BroadcastingWOR, New YorkW2TRR
Chris Tobin - CBS Radio, New York
Chris Tarr - Entercom, Milwaukee, GeekJedi, and Broadcast Engineering Info 

French audio processing Guru, David PERREAU along with engineer, Fred BLONDET.


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TWiRT 23 - Vive l'Audio!

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A video has about 15-30 seconds to convince me that I should watch it in real time rather than reading something that tells me the same thing.

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July 14, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterbggpig

I caught the pilot of Drop Dead Diva Series without very high expectations, but it was in reality great and really amusing, with a fun soundtrack and interesting setting. Brooke Elliott is great as Deb in Jayne's body, the switch she portrayed between the characters was subtle but apparent, and she is very likable. The supporting cast are also all very strong. The writers do well in drawing the audience in, I already care about these characters after one 40 minute episode. Having told myself I am going to watch much less TV, and dropping about 50% of the shows I used to watch regularly, the fact that I plan to continue watching Drop Dead Diva Season 3 DVD how entertaining the pilot was. I'm looking forward to seeing more of what this show has to offer, and I hope it continues to deliver and develop into a great series.

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