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TWiRT 154 - Marques Brownlee

TWiRT 154 - Marques Brownlee

We take a break from oscillators and cart machines to chat with topical tech guru, Marques Brownlee.  Marques has over 500 instructional and tech gear review videos on YouTube, covering everything from DLSR cameras to building a Hackintosh computer.  

Chris Tobin and I talk with Marques about tech, and about putting tech and web services to great use in our busy professional lives.  

Links from this episode:

Ubuntu Phone info…

Hardware shopping list for building a Hackintosh...

Bob Roche on building a budget Hackintosh…

Marques Brownlee's YouTube channel...

Instructional, how to videos…

TWiRT is sponsored by Omnia Audio and the Omnia.9 FM audio processor by Leif Claesson. 


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TWiRT 154 - Marques Brownlee

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