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TWiRT 393 - World Wide Radio Summit from Hollywood

Radio Program Directors, Music Directors, on-air Talent, and more are convening in Hollywood at the World Wide Radio Summit. Speakers and panels are sharing new research and honing legacy ideas over three days. Scott Shannon, Joel Denver, Mike McVay, Steve Goldstein, Fred Jacobs, Darren Davis, and Ben Cooper are among the gifted presenters. This conference offers a chance for Radio Programmers to meet with equipment manufacturers and software suite companies. We’re talking with several manufacturers about their latest ideas to help make radio content easier to create while sounder better than ever.

Show Links:
MusicMaster scheduling software
VOXPRO7 call recoding and editing system
Comrex Opal smartphone interview system
Synchronicity radio broadcast workflow and distribution system
Sync-Harmony advanced radio automation application suite
Banana Joe’s Flashback Top 40
Broadcaster’s General Store

Joe Knapp - President/CEO - MusicMaster Scheduling
Jay Tyler - Director of Sales - Wheatstone Corp
Chris Crump - Sr. Director of Sales at Comrex Corp
Joe Montione - VP / Chief Programming Evangelist -
Michael Dalfonzo - Vice President, Business Development at Sync-Harmony
Michelle King - Sales Manager, Radio at WideOrbit
Dave Kerstin - Customer Service at Broadcasters General Store

Chris Tobin, IP-Solutionist
Kirk Harnack, The Telos Alliance, Delta Radio, & South Seas Broadcasting

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