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TWiRT 84 - Mary Ann Seidler

Mary Ann Seidler, my former colleague at Telos, has witnessed some major moments in audio codec history. Her dear friend, Gerhard Stoll, called himself, "The Grandfather of MPEG 2!" and for good reason.  Mary Ann works for another innovative IP-codec company, Tieline Technology.  She shares her thoughts on audio codec history, the enthusiasm of codec inventors, and how Tieline is helping broadcasters bring home better quality content.

Hosts: Kirk HarnackTom Ray, and Chris Tobin

TWiRT is sponsored by Omnia Audio and the wildly popular Omnia ONE.

Show notes:

Gerhard Stoll, "Grandfather of MPEG Layer 2" audio coding, passed away in 2010.  

Tieline Technology, makers of POTS and IP audio codecs, and software and hardware for iPhone-based remote broadcasts.



Download the show here...

TWiRT 84 - Mary Ann Seidler

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