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TWiRT - Back from Vacation!

We can hardly wait for our first TWiRT show after a summer-long vacation!  Chris Tobin, Tom Ray, Chris Tarr, and I are super excited to resume talking Radio Tech!  

Please mark your calendar for Thursday, September 6, at 8pm US Eastern Time for our 1st post-vacation episode.  We're going to have a blast, and you will, too.

In a few days I'll have the RSS and iTunes info for you so you can download TWiRT automagically if you can't be with us live.

TWiRT is proud to be on the GFQ Network.  GFQ's founder, Andrew Zarian, and I got to chat about radio and podcasting.  Here's that interview....



TWiRT's New Home

The TWiRT U-Haul is headed for Queens, NY!! Our new home is the GFQNetwork!

My hearty "THANKS" to you, our friends and supporters! We had several offers from podcast network owners to relocate, and I appreciate each of you who came forward to extend an invitation.

Tom Ray, Chris Tobin, Chris Tarr and I are rarin' to start in early September on!

I invite you to go ahead and check out Andrew Zarian's GFQ Network. He's putting together a variety of shows - some tech-oriented, such as Paul Thurrott's "What the Tech?" and "Tech News Weekly".


Next we'll determine what DAY and TIME that TWiRT will be on.  We *do* know that we'll do a test/rehearsal in about 2 weeks on the GFQNetwork, then restart TWiRT in early Sepetember.

Stay tuned!



TWiRT is on Vacation - Back in September!

My dear friends and colleagues,

On June 15th I got "the call".  It was Lisa Kentzell, CEO of TWiT Network, calling to let me know that several shows on are being cancelled.  TWiRT was one of those shows.  

I've always considered it a real gift that Leo encouraged me to begin the TWiRT podcast in the first place.  While in Petaluma about 3 years ago, installing Leo's first Axia console, I asked Leo out to lunch and described my belief that a podcast for radio/audio engineers would have a great, albeit niche, audience.  Leo encouraged me to start doing the show and, if it sounded good, he'd put it on   Twenty episodes in, I got the green light from TWiT; they'd produce the video version of TWiRT.  About a year later, Leo and TWiT made our podcast - along with several others - part of the TWiT family, including hosting and distribution.  And that's where we've been for over a year now, enjoying all the clout and distribution benefits of being part of the TWiT family every week.  

For all the above, I'm very grateful to Leo, Lisa Kentzell, and others on the staff.

Leo, thanks everso for the opportunity to share making some good content with you and your team.  I'm always grateful for that, and the TWiRT co-hosts, Tom Ray, Chris Tobin, and Chris Tarr, have enjoyed this chapter as well.

So, what's next?  The way ahead isn't perfectly clear.  Here's what we know and what we're thinging about:


  1. TWiRT will take a hiatus for a couple months over the summer.  I've been asked to travel to Asia twice this summer, and I need to install some Axia consoles at my stations in American Samoa (KKHJ-FM and WVUV-FM).  Whatever we do for restarting a radio tech show, we'll start doing it in September, 2012.

  2. When we restart in September, the format may be different.  We might do a 30 minute show.  Or we might keep doing the 60 minute show, but not every week.  Here's where we could use your feedback.

  3. assures me that all the past episodes will be available at for the foreseeable future.  

  4. This web site,, will once again be the definitive place for new episodes and information about TWiRT.  We'll make some improvements to the site - things I'd been putting off as had been hosting the episodes.



When we restart TWiRT in September, what changes (if any) would you like to see?


  • Length of the show?
  • More guest appearances? Fewer? Same?
  • Show frequency? Weekly? Bi-monthly? 
  • Is video important to you?  If so, is YouTube OK for storage and distribution of shows?
  • Should we associate with another podcast network, or simply stand alone?
  • Other comments, ideas?



Please post your comments below.

Thanks for your support and friendship!




TWiRT 134 - Bees in the Feedhorn

Hosts: Kirk HarnackTom Ray, and Chris Tobin.

This week we talk about nanotechnology, tiny capacitors, skin effect, and bees in the feed horn.

Download or subscribe to this show at

This episode is sponsored by The Telos Alliance.

TWiRT 134 - Bees in the Feedhorn


TWiRT 133 - Friday Night is for Calculus

This week, Chris Tarr and I tackle tough issues including Friday night calculus, dead birds and strobe lights.

Download or subscribe to this show at

Thanks to Cachefly for the bandwidth for this show.

This episode is sponsored by the Axia Radius IP-connected audio console.

Hosts: Kirk Harnack, and Chris Tarr.

TWiRT 133 - Friday Night is for Calculus