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TWiRT 137 - Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson is using the Public Internet as the primary Studio-Transmitter Link for 7 FM transmitters. Is that smart? He thinks so and tells you how he’s making it work. Chris Tarr joins me talking with Dave Anderson on This Week in Radio Tech, Episode 137.

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The Telos Z/IP ONE IP-Audio Codec.

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TWiRT 137 - Dave Anderson


TWiRT 136 - Consumer Electronics for Broadcasters

Tom Ray and Andrew Zarian join Kirk to discuss using consumer electronic gear in professional broadcast stations. Turns out we NEED a lot of that “consumer stuff” to make a radio station work. Indeed, Andrew says you can build a whole Internet TV network with (mostly) consumer gear.

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The Telos Alliance and Axia Audio. On the web at



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TWiRT 136 - Consumer Electronics for Broadcasters


TWiRT 135 - What's Wrong with Your Stream?

Chris Tobin and Tom Ray triumphantly return along with Kirk Harnack as This Week in Radio Tech returns from summer hiatus. We’re talking about the lousy state of radio station Internet streaming. Many broadcasters are treating their web stream as a red-headed step-child, and that’s no way to treat anyone. It’s time to treat your web streaming as if it had some listeners!

This Week In Radio Tech is sponsored by:

Telos and the Telos ProSTREAM audio processor and stream encoder. Visit for more information.



TWiRT 135 - What's Wrong with Your Stream?


Rested, Ready, and Rarin' to GO!  

TWiRT is back from summer vacation!  

Put your propeller hats on and watch or listen live - tonight at 8pm US Eastern Daylight Time.  Tune in at   


TWiRT - Back from Vacation!

We can hardly wait for our first TWiRT show after a summer-long vacation!  Chris Tobin, Tom Ray, Chris Tarr, and I are super excited to resume talking Radio Tech!  

Please mark your calendar for Thursday, September 6, at 8pm US Eastern Time for our 1st post-vacation episode.  We're going to have a blast, and you will, too.

In a few days I'll have the RSS and iTunes info for you so you can download TWiRT automagically if you can't be with us live.

TWiRT is proud to be on the GFQ Network.  GFQ's founder, Andrew Zarian, and I got to chat about radio and podcasting.  Here's that interview....