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TWiRT 98 - Stump the Chumps

In this episode we play "Stump the Chumps" with the radio engineering fanatics in the chatroom.

Hosts: Kirk HarnackChris Tarr and Chris Tobin

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TWiRT 98 - Stump the Chumps


TWiRT 97 - Goodnight Irene - and Good Riddance!

Rich Parker, DoE for Vermont Public Radio, tells us about Hurricane Irene's effect on Vermont broadcasting.

Kirk Harnack, with Chris Tobin and guest Rich Parker.

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TWiRT 97 - Goodnight Irene, and Good Riddance


TWiRT 96 - Big Red Button

We talk about earthquake warnings, Chris Tarr's big red button, the General Radio sexless connector, and more.

Hosts: Kirk HarnackTom Ray, and Chris Tarr.

TWiRT is sponsored by Omnia and new new 5-band Omnia ONE FM.  Upgrade your existing Omnia ONE to the 5-band FM software for free!

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TWiRT 96 - Big Red Button


TWiRT 95 - Audio Connectors

We talk about the right way to connect audio connectors to your audio cable.

Hosts: Kirk HarnackTom Ray, and Chris Tarr.

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TWiRT 95 - Audio Connectors


TWiRT 94 - AES and AoIP

In this episode we talk about the upcoming AES convention in New York and AOIP developments for broadcasters.

Hosts: Kirk Harnack and Chris Tobin
Guests: David K. Bialik and Michael "Catfish" Dosch

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TWiRT 94 - AES and AoIP