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TWiRT - Episode 1 - Tsunami

Kirk Harnack, Tom Ray, Chris Tobin with special guest, Rich Wood.

EAS saves lives in American Samoa tsunami
Long live EAS?
What about AM radio?
WiMax and IP-Audio remote broadcasts
Rich Wood
Radio downsizing
Firing the best talent
Wall Street Creativity
Arbitron Personal People Meter (PPM)


TWiRT - Episode 1 - Tsunami


TWiRT Goes ON-AIR This Week!

Stay tuned!  The first TWiRT show will be recorded and posted this week.  The first few shows will be "audio only", with video versions coming in a few weeks on the TWiT network.




First TWiRT Episode - Just after October 5th, 2009

Behind the scenes - we're doing a dry run and having a conference call this week. A few details to work out and make sure everyone has a good connection and is comfortable.

Hey, we're seeking your ideas for show topics!  How about your ideas for weekly show segments?  Perhaps "Shock the Engineer" or some such.

Post your ideas in the Comments area just below.


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